About Jill

I was born in Palo Alto, California. I was exposed to art by my grandmother who was an artist. My father Milton Homer was an interior designer who had restless creative energy. I started my journey into the world of homes and furnishings at an early age. My parents moved fourteen times by the time I was fourteen years old. Each home was remodeled and new furnishings were selected. My parents may have been the original house flippers. Interior design was exciting to me and more than just a beautiful homes and furnishings it was caring on the family legacy of creativity.

“I believe a home should look collected not decorated, and I strive to make sure that each client feels connected to a space that inspires them.”

As a teen we moved to Utah. I can remember reading Architectural Digest while my friends read Seventeen Magazine. I worked in the family furniture showroom while attending the University of Utah. School provided an excellent business foundation. It also enriched my knowledge of art history and ties between history and furniture. At the same time the showroom was my artist canvas. I refined my taste by attending furniture markets, and seeing all that was available. I’d come home from market excited to show my latest inspirations. I grew up in the furniture industry. My roles of interior designer, furniture buyer and showroom owner helped me develop lasting relationships with many of the finest companies and people in the industry.

Today I recognize that having an eye for good design is a gift. I love beautiful things, unique accessories, fine fabrics and furniture. There is something magical that happens when they are combined in just the right way. It brings me great joy to share my gift with others. Design is an intimate process and my clients can expect to be diligently engaged throughout our relationship. I promise to deliver a functional space that reflects their personal style.