About Jill

Jill was born in Palo, Alto California. She is known for her warm, comfortable, timeless interiors with a fresh California vibe. As a daughter of a prominent interior designer Jill started her journey in homes and design at an early age. Her parents may have been the original house flippers. They moved around California buying properties, renovating and selling them. By the age of fourteen Jill had moved fourteen times and enjoyed designing each of her new bedrooms.

“I believe a home should look collected not decorated, and I strive to make sure that each client feels connected to a space that inspires them.”

As a teen Jill moved to Utah where her parents opened Milton Homer Designer Showroom in Salt Lake City. Jill worked in the family business as a buyer. Her innate sensibility for style, scale and creativity helped to grow the business. Jill moved to Las Vegas to open the third showroom and quickly became the lead Interior Designer. Her clients have included Kenny Rogers, Don King, and Floyd Mayweather.

After several decades working in the family business in 2010 Jill opened her own firm. Jill Thomson Design is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her projects include primary and secondary residence in Las Vegas and across the country.