Las Vegas Market


Market is always one of my favorite times of the year. This bi-annual event showcases the latest in Home Furnishings from some of the top manufacturers in the world. My team and I just returned from Las Vegas Market yesterday. I am anxious to share photos and thoughts of what we saw and loved.


We saw lots of color in a range from pastel to jewel tones. We really liked the way many companies used them together. Blush is still very popular but paired with burgundy or plum it was stunning and not quite as feminine. Several tones of blue walls showcased with dark woods and gold accents with pops of white to keep things fresh.

Still more grays than browns, lots of white with every color and mixed metals.



From chunky throws, to furry benches there seems to be more texture and layering of texture then we have seen in awhile. Especially loved seeing leather playing such a strong role as the smooth finish looks so rich in contrast next to a textured sofa.

Rough finished woods next to sleek metal and stone.

I touched everything and it’s exciting to see and experience these textures.

Lighting Clusters

Every market we see things with fresh eyes. Most often with clients in mind. We were thrilled with lighting companies who offer multiple sizes of the same fixture then displayed them in groupings. While we have hung 2 of the same fixture over a dining table before we are looking forward to grouping 3 sizes of a fixture in a staircase for an upcoming project.


Even more exciting are some of the accessories we ordered to have on hand for projects in the works. We also sourced several new lines that we are excited to start using. We had a productive and inspiring market.