Three New Ideas on Lighting


Lighting is a very important consideration in design. A well lit room can create a mood all its own. While we are often conscious of the standard choices of can lights wall sconces or chandeliers I think there are a few ideas that make a big impact that are often overlooked.


The Portrait Light

The portrait light is back and available in a multitude of styles. Forget everything you once thought of a portrait light. They are no longer reserved for stuffy libraries and heavily framed oil paintings. These lights have a renewed purpose and I love them. They are great when looking to spotlight an amazing piece of art. Even better used in repetition like our example photo.


IMG_2057 (1)


The Hanging Fixture Juxtaposed

Oh how I love the unexpected placement of a hanging fixture. It is always the piece that gets the comments. A hanging fixture is a wonderful option where one might least expect it. One of my favorite places to use this idea is over a nightstand. Adding a pendant in place of a lamp gives interest and frees up space to hold accessories or bedside essentials. Often times a hanging fixture provides better light for reading in bed. Other unexpected places to consider a hanging pendant include a laundry room, over a console, over a chest, or grouped in odd numbers in a stairway or corner of a room. Groupings are best hung at staggered heights.


IMG_2050 (2)


The Single Sconce

This little sconce has been overlooked for years. In a traditional application it is far too small.

However, it is a scene stealer when used to accent bookshelves. Available in many styles and finishes this happens to to be one of my favorites. The antique gold finish we used for clients pops against their warm wood tones (see photo). I also love the single sconce used near a built in bench or with bunk beds as a reading light. Over the kitchen sink or over a laundry sink are two other places where highlighting once single sconce can be a perfect choice.


IMG_6115 (1)