Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by Jill Thomson

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to the Jill Thomson Design Blog. We are bursting with excitement at this opportunity to  share with you the things that inspire us. Furniture, food, friends, and family. This will give you a little peek into what goes on behind the scenes. We hope you will feel at home here.

Posted on: October 15th, 2015 by Jill Thomson

Space Saving Design for High Rise Living

High rise living offers many perks, such an array of diverse cultural experiences and lively entertainment options within close proximity. However, one drawback of the spectacular high rise life is dealing with space challenges. High rise living is a trade-off—what you sacrifice in space, you gain in breath taking views, convenience and luxury. By being more creative and making every design decision count, it’s possible to find innovative and fabulous solutions to decorate smaller spaces so you maximize style and function.  Here are 7 professional design tips to make the most of your luxury high rise home.

  1. Mirrors create the illusion an area is more spacious. Not only will a mirror give the perception of more depth by reflecting the other side of the room, but a transparent piece—such as a glass top dining table—will give a sense a room is less cluttered and more expansive. By reflecting both images and light, mirrors are an ideal way to brighten and widen any space.

Mirrors Add Depth, Light and the Illusion of More Space


  1. Transform one large room having multiple uses by creatively placing furnishings to divide the space. This is an easy way to divide a space into a living and dining area, for example.

Divide a Room Into Multiple Uses


  1. Combine versatile, multi-functional pieces that can be assembled in various formations when more space is needed. For example, place an ottoman at the foot of a chair or love seat that can serve as a footrest or do double duty as a coffee table when desired.  Then move the ottoman to the side to use as an end table when you want to create more space. Place stools at a kitchen island and it can serve a dual use—for prep when cooking and for dining after the meal is served.


Kitchen Counter Offers Space for Dining Area


  1. Choose furnishing of appropriate scale. There is no lack of innovative pieces—from desks to shelves—that make efficient use of space. By choosing the right furniture you can free up loads of space without sacrificing any comfort. And be sure to check the dimensions of your large pieces, there are few things more frustrating than having to crane in a sofa!
  1. Make use of corners. Sectional sofas can turn what may seem like wasted space, the corner of a room, into additional seating capacity. An L-shaped couch with a corner can put every inch of wall space to good use.

Sectional Sofas Make Smart Use of Corner Space


  1. Clear out the clutter and a smaller area is easier to move around in and feels roomier. Wading through smaller living spaces that are densely occupied with furnishings and decorations can feel claustrophobic. There is truth to the saying that sometimes less is more!

Lack of Clutter Creates Feeling of Roominess


  1. Multi-task your space with dual function furniture. A day bed or sleeper sofa can become seating during the day and a bed when you’re ready for sleep. (There are also ways to hide a bed under something else and murphy beds that disappear into a wall when not in use.) Dual function furniture comes in all sizes and styles for those looking to maximize space without minimizing flair.

High rise living is a fabulous opportunity to be creative in your design choices. It can be an enjoyable challenge if you have someone to help you make the most of every square foot of your home. And hey, another benefit of streamlined living is you won’t accumulate tons of stuff you don’t need. By decluttering on an ongoing basis you will can avoid the tendency to hoard that many homeowners deal with, turning their extra living space into storage for unneeded items. Living simply definitely has its rewards!

Posted on: September 24th, 2015 by Jill Thomson

Fall Trend Watch: Hot, New Colors

Fall is descending upon us and as the weather outside grows colder we turn our focus inward to the coziness of our homes. The global authority on color, Pantone, released their color picks for the coming fall season and the color palettes have already made their way into brand name paint colors, furniture lines and major interior design collections. This season’s color trends are a pleasing blend of earthy neutrals and bold shades.

Top 10 Pantone Colors for Fall 2015

Top 10 Pantone Colors for Fall 2015

From cool, saturated hues to natural neutrals, there are Fall palettes that complement your taste and design goals. This Fall’s versatile color line up is: Stormy Weather (an overcast gray-blue) Oak Buff (a sophisticated camel) Dried Herb (an olive green) Marsala (2015’s Pantone “Color of the Year”) Biscay Bay (a deep teal), Cadmium Orange (a retro orange) Cashmere Rose (a classy, muted pink) Desert Sage (a silvery green), Reflecting Pond (a deep, smoky blue) and Amethyst Orchid (a vibrant pastel). There are three ways to incorporate this Fall’s Top 10 hottest color trends into your home. If you’re looking to subtlety update your décor than a few well-placed accessories can do the trick, but if your intention is to give a room a noticeable facelift than an anchor furniture piece or a bold accent wall can create the transformation you’re after.

  1. Furniture – As usual, major brands have taken the best of this Fall’s colors to create their latest collections. An Amethyst Orchid chair can add fun flair to a bedroom, a decadent Marsala couch warms up a living room and a Stormy Weather love seat brings serenity to any room. This season’s colors are trends that, done right, can be timeless.
Reflecting Pond Colored Pattern in Chair and Matching Decorative Pillow

Reflecting Pond Colored Pattern in Chair and Matching Decorative Pillow


  1. Paint – An accent wall in one of Pantone’s dark and rich tones (Marsala) or deep cool tones (Reflecting Pond, Stormy Weather) will bring a mix of composed calm and modern flair to any room. You can pair a Marsala accent with a beige trim or Reflecting Pond accent with a brisk white trim. Depending on the mood you want to create, you can use cheerful pastels or darker, seductive shades; this season’s color palette has it all.
Walls painted in Reflecting Pond.

Walls painted in Reflecting Pond.


  1. Accessories – For a lighter touch, add a splash of color with on-trend accessories. A Desert Sage throw in front of the fire place will create an opportunity to curl up and get comfy as temperatures drop. A well-designed headboard can transform the look and feel of a bedroom. Cool colors envelope a bedroom with tranquility, but you can pair them with accents of warm, earthy neutrals to ground the scheme. Candle light and Fall scents seduce our senses into thoughts of spending quality time with our loved ones in the warmth of our shared living spaces.

This season’s color trends go from sophisticated neutrals to vibrant, jewel-like pastels which combine “to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural.” (Patone Color Report 2015) Jump into fall with bold saturated hues and upscale neutrals that make your home a place you want to get cozy and enjoy all season long. For more ideas on how to use Pantone’s Fall trends in your seasonal decorating, contact me today. (Photo Source: Brabbu)

Posted on: November 16th, 2012 by Jill Thomson

Discover the beauty within; personalize your style, love your home

Living stylishly begins at home. After custome writing all, where we live is an extension of who we are. What we do in our homes shapes our mood, affects our productivity and influences our outlook on life.

Stylish living doesn’t have to be labeled. Contemporary or traditional, formal or casual can co-exist in the same home. Many people choose to live among beautiful furnishings, art and objects that have special meaning to them.

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These items inspire creativity and give personal comfort and joy.


In my favorite room of the house, for example, my biggest splurge sits next to a bargain buy; sentimental value is always more important than monetary cost.

Think of things that bring you joy in your home. Personalize your abode with items that reflect your lifestyle. And entertain often. Nothing forces us to look at our home with a critical eye like knowing others will be looking too. Fall is the perfect time for this.

Guests’ first impression starts at the entry of your home, and carefully chosen objects set the tone for greater things to be discovered. Such details as having chandeliers with dimmers allow candlelight to be appreciated, and nestling votives around fresh orchids creates interesting shadows of the blooms, as the candlelight reflects off the flowers’ large, glossy leaves.

Choose furnishings that look inviting. People tend to use inviting rooms, and the more a room is used, the more beautiful it becomes. Ottomans provide extra seating and are easy to pull up to join in a great story.

Light your fireplace. Cut fresh branches of fall leaves and put in vases. Set out a candy dish. And don’t forget to help set the mood with some great background music, too. Prioritize spending on things for your home that cultivate experiences. Most clients are much closer than they think they are getting it right. The most important part is to have fun with it. Buy pieces that speak to you. Once completed, you should be able to walk through your house, take it all in and smile at the home you’ve created.

After all, the true meaning of life is to live it!


Jill Thomson

Posted on: April 9th, 2012 by Jill Thomson

Indoor/Outdoor Living

I recently moved from Newport Beach, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. I took for granted the California lifestyle of living with windows and doors how to do a dissertation open. However, there are things that I have learned that hold true for any climate.

Bring the garden inside. Container plants, succulents, orchids, fresh cut tree limbs, and flowers add life and interest to any interior.

Take the inside out.

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Don’t be afraid to carry most stone floorings right out to your patio. Create seating areas that mimic your interior room. Today outdoor furniture collections have sofas, over scale chairs and coffee tables that look amazing. Forget everything you once thought about boring outdoor fabric. Current selections leave you asking to confirm that they really are safe for outdoor use.

Posted on: April 2nd, 2012 by Jill Thomson

Comfort & Beauty

  viagra tabs I was recently consulting with cialis canadian pharmacy a couple. The wife kept reinforcing to me that she wanted a beautiful space; while the husband only cared about comfort.

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They were under the impression that a room could not be both.

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I never think of a room as “just for show” in fact I believe that if a room does not look inviting it will not be used. The most beautiful reward of designing for people is knowing they are living in, and enjoying a room.

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Good design draws you into the space and makes you feel like you never want to leave.

Posted on: March 22nd, 2012 by Jill Thomson

Plan Ahead

 I am currently working on a furniture plan for my new store. It’s really exciting to put to paper the ideas in my head.

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I like to homework help websites draw by hand and I am the most comfortable drawing in quarter inch scale.

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The furniture plan becomes the road map for the journey.

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As I plan out the furniture placement, I can look at flow and movement through the room.

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The floor plan helps me to try everything on paper first. I can experiment with scale and balance. I can also see where lighting is required from this plan. The plan becomes a shopping list. When selecting fabrics I often refer to the plan to see where I can make colors connect. As with any good journey, the plan can be adjusted. A furniture plan saves time and costly purchases that don’t have a spot when you get them home. If you’re overwhelmed and wondering where to start, make a plan.