Travel and Design


I hate to fly but love to travel.  It gives me anxiety and I often get trip bookers remorse. On our family trip this year we traveled to Panama. It was a 6 hour flight just to get there. We planed a mid trip excursion to Bocas Del Toros (an island on the Caribbean) and as luck would have the flight was on a tiny plane. I would have taken a bus it that was an option just to avoid the flight. As luck would have it a storm rolled in 30 minutes before we were scheduled to leave the island. When I say storm I really mean hurricane. Between the sideways rain and wind I was sure we wouldn’t get off the island. As quick as the storm rolled in it passed and all the worry was for nothing.

My fear of flying is not dissimilar to a client who fears change. Altering your home is not a comfortable process. The thought of change, spending money, and being torn up can be overwhelming.

When I travel I have the booking a reputable airline, who has a track record of safety and a reputation of being on time eliminates much of my anxiety. When I board the plan I let the pilot and his trained crew do what they do.

Likewise in Design it is important to do your research.  Select an Interior Designer that is a good fit for you. Someone who will patiently guide you through your own concerns and address any fears you may have. Then out faith in their talents and let them do what they do best.