3 Things I Think Every Home Should Have


While viewing potential homes with a client and their realtor I started jotting notes. We saw many beautiful homes and a couple really awful ones. I circled words that kept coming up. Comfort, Flow, and Wow.

1– I think every home should have a comfortable place to gather. In the homes we viewed, my client was looking for a large family room that would hold plenty of seating to host family and friends. For a client earlier in the week we created a comfortable space for her to escape and read in her bedroom. We used an oversized chair and ottoman paired with an accent table to hold a book and a glass of wine. Comfortable spaces can be any size, and they are important. Properly scaled furnishings and specialty pieces selected for comfort are key. In larger spaces, I like add ottomans to the layout as they are easy to pull into a room for extra seating. Throws add texture and are a nice addition to any room. Nothing says curl up here and get cozy like a throw. The proper choice of textures, materials, and colors will enhance the inviting feel of any room and create comfort throughout.


2– I think every home should have good flow. It is something I look for when buying a home and when walking my clients homes. For some people it is easy to recognize, and for others it is a subtle feeling. Flow can directly relate to the floor plan in the way you make your way through the rooms in a home. However, it can also be created by strategic use of color. I like repeating color in my projects. The deep blue found in art at the entry of a home may be the accent pillow in the family room, a wall color in the powder bath, and even the island cabinets in the kitchen. You can apply this same principle to flooring, cabinetry, and window coverings. Repeating the materials selected helps to connect the rooms and creates a good flow.


3– I think every home (maybe even every room) needs a scene stealer. That wow piece that gets people talking. I did a house once for clients with a stripper pole. I had to explain that pole to every worker that came through their home. This is NOT the conversation I am suggesting. I prefer a well designed kitchen with a wow factor range and hood. In decor, I like statement pieces of art, a unique chair, a fabulous light fixture, or even a tabletop display of things collected in travels. I have a great piece of art by Ann Carrington. It’s composed of thousands of pearly white buttons sewn on black fabric. Everyone notices it, everyone asks about it, and I love the piece so much I enjoy talking about it. Finding your own scene stealer can be a an exciting treasure hunt, and will become the wow factor within your space.