Fall is the perfect season to add pops of color to your front porch. A little love in early October can last through Thanksgiving. I like Mums, they are everywhere right now From Home Depot or Lowes to your local garden center. Even Costco near us has them. I think they are great for color and texture. Their rich greens leaves make any color you find stand out. You can plant them in your flower beds or use decorative pots.

This year I used artificial pumpkins from Michael’s to fill in. Here in Las Vegas it’s still too hot to leave fresh pumpkins out in the sun. I have learned from past experience how messy they can get when they get hot. They seem to melt and mold all at once. Artificial pumpkins were my solution plus they last for years and come in all shapes, colors and sizes.  

This year we created a simple pumpkin topiary by turning two large pumpkins flat bottom to flat bottom and securing with hot glue. Then we placed the pumpkins in old garden urns, the stem of the bottom pumpkin helped to secure it into a foam base. With the pumpkins stacked and in the urn we hid the foam with flowers and leaves from Michael’s.

The entire porch was under $200.

I always mention candles, I love them outside too. Pictured are battery operated candles and lanterns from Pottery Barn. I have them set to go on every evening at dusk for several hours. The porch looks even better in candlelight. I use the outdoor candles in all seasons but in fall they really give the house a cozy inviting glow.