It’s the little things….


If you wander around my house you will see little things on display. To anyone else it’s just stuff but to me each collectable represents a memory. I collect lots of different things but you can always catch my eye with something with the number three. I like 3’s so much they are embroidered on my work shirts and hats. I like vintage globes and crystal decanters. I have an extensive shell bottle collection from my time living at the beach. I love photos of my kids, fresh orchids, stargazer lilies, and  books. I burn one scent of candles that I liked so much I private labeled. I use one room fragrance and I use the same scent in hand soap and lotion in my guest baths. In some ways this keeps things simple.

I say collect things that speak to you. One of my clients collects album covers, another collects treasures from each place they travel. These little details are the things that personalize your home, they create a charming story. I like to wander in and out of home furnishing stores when I travel. I can alway find something to buy. I recently picked up a tiny crystal match bottle that has an etched bottom to strike the matches on. It looks cute sitting next to one of my favorite candles. I also bought a ceramic domino with three dots (of course) that sits at the base of my office computer.

When I look around my home a different object will catch my eye and make me smile.

It’s the little things…


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