My Favorite Rugs


A good area rug can play many different roles in your home. Bold in color and pattern stealing all the attention or subtle toned and simply cozy under your feet. If you are thinking about an area rug here are a few things to consider.
1­ Color
Your area rug should have a color that ties in somewhere in the furnishings of the room. Even if it is a bold color rug and a pop of that color shows up in an accent pillow. If it is subtle in color choose a hue that is darker or lighter than the walls or other large pieces of upholstery to create interesting contrast. I think color is the first and most important choice.
2­ Style
The style of area rug you choose will set the mood of the room. I’m currently obsessed with low pile geometric patterns and the colors and patterns of vintage Kilim’s. Select something that compliments the style of your home or furnishings.
3­ Size
If you are struggling with what size rug area rug to order, I say go big.
In a living room or family room the front two legs of every piece of furniture should sit on the area rug. In a perfect world all furnishings sit on the rug.
Selecting an area rug can be as personal as selecting art.
Keep these tips in mind when you shop for your next rug and choose something that you will love now, and for years to come.