Visiting Magnolia Market


Watch any amount of HGTV and your sure to catch an episode of Fixer Upper. The husband and wife duo of Chip and Joanna Gaines are equal parts talent and humor. Magnolia Market is their newest project a remodeled grain silo turned retail store and so much more. On a recent trip to Austin I made the hour and a half drive out to Waco to check out their store. Waco is located half way between Austin and Dallas. The drive is not bad and as you get close to Waco the Chip and Joanna billboards lead you right to the Silo grounds.

Sprouting up in an industrial area the silos are by far the nicest development in an area full of empty and available warehouse buildings right near railroad tracks. I arrived at the same time as a bus load of tourists. Looks like they have a constant stream of visitors. The Market was full of many of the touches you see in Joanna’s designs on the show. Lots of artificial flower stems to be purchased as well as bowls, dishes and wall quotes. Everything has a country charm. There was even a corner dedicated to children with books and sweet sayings, perfect for a nursery.

While I expected to find some one of a kind treasures, unfortunately everything was reproductions and stacked 6 tall for instant satisfaction. My favorite find was an old trough made into a sink. Sadly it was not for sale but just a wash station to try The Markets soaps.

The Garden Store which had not opened yet was adorable. The had already put in the raised vegetable and planting beds. The envy of even a small gardener like myself. Right next to the garden shop was a small barn with goats. They really offer something for everyone.

Anxious to find a few of the beautiful homes you see on the show I took a drive around Waco. The drive really opened my eyes to the condition of these homes that sell for $49,000­-$125,000 that their show features. I found many homes that looked like they were on their last leg. Some pretty homes that had been maintained and lots of homes that were under some form of renovation. The show edits the surrounding homes and while you see the transformation of their fabulous bed and breakfast, the police sub station next door is cropped out of the shots.

I had planned to spend the night in Waco but chose to return to Austin where the options of food and lodging made me more comfortable. To say that Waco is a charming small town would be a stretch for me. I was but a one day visitor. The possibility is there, with old buildings and vacant retail store fronts. The Gaines are doing their best to “Fix Up” Waco and everything they have touched is everything you see on the show and more. If your in the area or a fan of their show its an absolute must see.