The Perfect Reading Corner


In almost every home there is an opportunity to create a perfect reading corner.

I like to start with an oversize comfortable chair. The chair needs to be large enough to curl up in. Adding smaller down filled pillows that can be adjusted helps for the long stretches of a book you just can’t put down. I like a cozy throw that is easy to pull around my shoulder or over my legs. A little table next to the chair is an important place to rest your drink, reading glasses and book. I keep a candy dish on my table because sometimes I crave a little treat.

An ottoman that can be pulled up for your feet and great lighting round out my top picks. I like a pharmacy style lamp that can be directed right above my book.

I have learned to love to read. I was lucky to meet a group of moms back when my oldest son was in beginning school (5 years old) who suggested we start a bookclub. We have been meeting every six weeks for the last 13 years. Our kids all just graduated high school. I am so proud of all the books we have read and grateful for the friendship with these ladies.  We don’t like every book we read and yes we talk about the books, most often by drawing questions that we take turns reading, answering and discussing.

If you love to read or think you might start reading a perfect reading corner might be all you need. If you would like more information on how to start a bookclub feel free to email me.






The Chair is Marge Carson done in a black Schumacher linen. Schumacher ticking stripe linen accent pillow with hand painted pillow from Juxtaposition Home. Swiss Cross Blanket Juxtaposition Home. Bernhardt End Table and Luna Bella Lamp. Vintage NY subway sign art.

Lucy the dogIMG_1313 (3)