The Airstream


I’m not sure where my obsession with Airstream trailers started. As a child my grandma would make tents using blankets and furniture. These small spaces always felt cozy to me especially because she would tell me Cowboy and Indian stories and serve lunch and let my imagination drift off. As I got a little older I Love Lucy with the Long Long Trailer was out and I could watch that movie over and over again to this day. Where ever it started It’s been a dream of mine to have one of my own and this past year became that “some day”.

I selected the 22” sport for three very specific reasons.

One, The interior colors were “so me” this year. For the first time in all the years I have stalked the Airstream models they branched out into grey washed floors with white, black and grey interiors. I will be changing pillows every couple years so this foundation will be perfect to adapt to whatever mood I want to create in pillows and accents. I already want to add aged gold fixtures at the sink and bath (stay tuned). I’ve layered Schumacher and Lee Jofa fabric pillows. The Peace and Love pillows are from Pom Pom. I know china is not “practical” but I bought the Kate Spade polka dots anyway and then bought the soft china storage containers to protect it. I tore the dry erase board down that came standard in the entry. I’m currently hunting for the perfect art to replace it. Thinking a travel photo might be the solution.

Two, Size and more specifically weight. This model is lightweight and easy to tow behind my SUV. There is room for everyone to sleep but hopefully most of our camping adventures will see the kids sleeping under the stars because it is close quarters. Plus it is the perfect mobile office when I have to travel for work.

Three, I didn’t feel like I could do a renovation justice. In a time where restored Airstreams are more popular than ever before I made a choice to be unpopular. I found several shells online that were reasonably priced. Keep in mind I have literally stalked these trailers for years. I’ve stayed at the Auto Camp in Santa Barbara (highly recommend) to gain inspiration from their renovated Airstreams. They are beautiful and unique and everything one loves about an Airstream renovation. My reality is there are zero dealers in Las Vegas, Nevada something that is both shocking and sad. For real, all the Zappos people live downtown in a village of Airstreams and Tiny Homes and we have no dealer (opportunity waiting). With little known resources coupled with zero RV experience I believe selecting a new Airstream was the best choice for me.

I expect to gain lots of creative inspiration from my Airstream travels and share the highlights here.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – unknown